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Digital Marketing Squad
Digital Marketing Squad
Facebook Advertising changed the way we market our product for good. I'd never switch back!
Elliot Hobson Director at Jack & Gill

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is a type of digital advertising strategy that takes place on social media platforms.

Often, businesses need to target customers that don’t know that they need your product. In the customer buying process this is called ‘Need Recognition’.

If a consumer doesn’t know that they need a product yet, they won’t be searching for it online. So, a Google Ads campaign will get you very little in return.

However, by being able to advertise on social media platforms, you can awake that need in consumers and bring customers directly to your website.

How Can It Work For Me?

Depending on who your customer is, they will likely use different forms of social media. For instance, Pinterest’s biggest market is females aged 15-25. Whereas, Twitter’s is males aged 35-60.

At Digital Marketing Squad, we’ll identify and focus on where your target market spends time online and what content they engage with. Therefore, you’ll see the largest return on your investment.

More UK consumers engage with Social Media than the do with TV. Meet them there!


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